Built To Green Standards

Casa Verde Commons meets the standards of the Colorado E-Star (Energy Star) Program and the Built Green Program.

Energy Efficiency

  • High performance (90%+ efficiency) heating systems
  • High performance double-pane, low-E windows and high quality skylights
  • Outside walls are 6' thick with recycled cellulose wet-blown insulation (R-22) for superior insulation capabilities with a comprehensive air infiltration sealing package. Ceilings have R-38 insulation.
  • Energy efficient, quiet whole house fans in lieu of air conditioning
  • Bathrooms fans are quiet and use less energy than standard fans
  • Some units (1325D, 1326, 1330, 1337, 1338, 1341, 1345, 1352, 1360C, 1360D, 1363, 1368, 1371, 1375, 1380, 1383, 1388, 1392) have rough-in for roof top solar collectors — conduit and copper pipe
  • Close to public transportation

Resource Conservation

  • Use of an infill site for project in lieu of developing new land
  • Recycled content flooring and exterior decking
  • Recycled carpeting material
  • Advanced framing techniques use less wood, with engineered lumber and finger-jointed wood trim which reuses waste wood
  • Construction waste was recycled
  • Community has a comprehensive recycling and composting program

Environmental Quality

  • Hydronic radiant heating system for common house provides great indoor air quality
  • Electrostatic filtration and humidification options for heating systems
  • Use of low- or no-VOC paints and adhesives wherever possible
  • Cementitious fiber exterior siding (rather than Masonite)
  • Locks and door hardware by Schlage (a green manufacturer)
  • Interior walls are 5/8"e; drywall
  • Superior acoustics — flooring systems of adjoining units separated so vibrations don't pass to next unit; double drywall on walls next to adjacent unit
  • Wheatboard shelving for excellent quality and low VOC