Our Members

A woman about to embrace a toddler

Residents at Casa Verde Commons include singles, couples, parents with children, multi-generation families, and "empty-nesters" whose children have grown up and left home.

A woman knitting

We have work-at-home folks, people who commute to work, stay-at-home moms, and retirees. Professions among our residents include high school teacher, college professor, engineer, writer, business-owner, social worker, pharmacist, massage therapist, photographer, corrections officer, and physician.

Interests among residents include running, hiking, bicycling, music, yoga, gardening, knitting, dancing, speaking French, pottery, board games, photography, sewing, landscaping, piloting small planes, cooking, writing, and social issues.

We've all come together to enjoy closer relations with our neighbors, to work together on developing a better community, and, as a result, to enrich our lives by connecting with other people.