Our Values Statement

A sunflower
  • We make our decisions as equals, by consensus. We work to incorporate all members' desires into our decisions.
  • We value the integrity of the earth. We plan, build, and live with attention to ecological sustainability. We conserve resources and recycle all that we can.
  • We value inclusiveness in matters of race, ethnicity, spirituality, age, ability, gender, sexual orientation.
  • We value trust. We are willing to trust each other and aspire to be trustworthy.
  • We value cooperation and contribution. All members participate actively in the process of creating, growing and sustaining our community.
  • We value healthy lifestyles. We keep our common areas free of harmful and/or illegal products including firearms, tabacco products and smoke.
  • We value conflict resolution that is nonviolent, positive, respectful and fair to all.
  • We value kindness and respect in thought, word and action. We listen and strive to understand. We forgive mistakes.
  • We value a neighborhood environment that is safe at many levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. We work to make our community a safe place where children and people of all ages are nurtured and protected.
  • We value fun and good food.
  • We value order. We strive to practice self-discipline, self-awareness, and self-responsibility.